OG is psyched on new gear - Coros Apex 42mm

To say I am really enjoying this watch is an understatement. I’m really dorking out on it. As runners the gear we have to dork out on is thankfully very limited, I love the simplicity of what we really need to go for a run. The extra gadgets (should) make it fun (not distract). Thankfully, my dorking out is supported as I’m surrounded by a tribe that is also keen on the Coros Apex.

Let me back up. I am a self-described spreadsheet dork, but I’m not a data driven person. Most of the content on the spreadsheets I share with my coaching clients is about their experience and how their body is adapting, what came up on the run, what feels good and what niggles we need to deal with. While mileage, run time and elevations are recorded, those are bits that help inform the bigger picture. Typically pretty easy data that can be gathered by looking at a clock before you leave and knowing your route or much, much easier with the many technologies and apps that are available to us now.

I’ve run with great watches that I've held on to for many years for both the nostalgia (one of these Epsom watches saw me through the training and racing the Gaoligong 165km) and for how they function. And the overall trend is that this wrist technology keeps improving.


Two weeks ago I received a Coros Apex 42mm (in white) I plugged it in to charge and simultaneously downloaded the app on my iPhone. Both of these amidst pulling food together for me and my pup. The next morning I unplugged it from the USB and wore it for a run, again with my pup. Super straightforward on toggling through to get it to start. While out, I spun through the screens to see run information but the layout was different than my ideal, so when I got home I opened the app to see about changing things up and watched as it downloaded. I didn’t have to tell it to do anything! (remember I don’t upgrade my technology that often so it is highly possible that other watches have done this for a while). The data that showed up on the screen was so easy to understand and so quickly digestible I thought, this kind of data I can do and will geek out on. Touching through the icons on the bottom of the app I easily found the device settings and made a few changes to the run screens. Next run, the next day - perfect.

A lot of my close running buds are already well ahead of me on the Coros scene and in watching and listening to their rave reviews and ease of use I will admit I was influenced to check it out for myself. One quick over the shoulder session helped me now with watch in hand understand all that I was wearing. One example: I’m not a fan of wearing much to sleep, especially on my limbs, but for the data I thought I’d try. I found it pretty cool to see the purple/blue wheel download and let me know I should get some more Z’s. A good reminder and some cool information about my heart rate, how deep I sleep and for how long. All super helpful information when considering mileage, training, and most important, data to help understand how I’m feeling and operating during the day.

Another highlight: in the 2ish weeks I’ve had it and worn it daily/nightly I’ve charged it 3 times, including that initial charge. This opens doors when traveling! Not having to carry charging cords (and lose them) because the watch will definitely last for a long weekend - heck a whole week! - is liberating! Case in point, my dear friend Monica wore her’s for the Bighorn 100. It was fully charged, she ran for 30+ hours and it still had 65% charge left. Not only was it super accurate, it lasted the entire race and then some. Again this may be old news to some, but I was and am impressed.


A few fun moments - I used the Indoor Run feature to track my bouncy house jump fest. I got to test it on a road bike ride just this morning. It buzzes when I get texts and phone calls (a feature I can turn off), that has been helpful when I’m moving around the house & garage and not keeping my phone close, not as helpful in yoga class. Four of us, all with Coros (completely geeking out around the table), stayed together the night before the Needles 50k and easily synced the course map to the Coros App in case we needed to check location during. I get a little buzz when I meet my daily goal - this actually startles the heck out of me, but I’m the girl that jumps at the silliest little things.

Final highlight: The best gear is the gear you don’t notice, doesn’t bother, while in motion. This watch meets that standard. I mean I’m even able to wear it to sleep.

As recently deemed an OG by Ryan Van Duzer on his Run with Ryan interview, I’m pretty psyched and thankful to have this new upgrade. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite gear and the highlights for why it’s the best.