Paperless Post and my beloved USPS

If you know me, you know I love sending cards (and now books!) through the mail. I enjoy the weekly errand of stopping at the post office to post packages and buy stamps. I get a little joy from flipping the flag up on my mailbox to let the mailman know that there is a letter to be carried away. And selfishly, I love imagining the surprise on the other end when a loved one finds a hand written letter or card amongst the incessant junk mail that plagues my own mailbox.

And then there is time. Schedule. Travel. And a busy mind that does the best to plan in advance, but sometimes misses a few things. While I have the best intention to mail birthday cards, and sometimes anniversary ones too, if I’m on planes and in cars more than in the comfort of my little condo it is a little more difficult to find the headspace, a stamp and a card that resonates for my intended recipient. In (to my email inbox) walks Paperless Post. So fun and creative! I just played around with some different cards and sent out one for my Sister’s birthday, which is today! I also got her a paper card out of habit, but it is fun to know that she will see this before I see her.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.20.40 PM.png

I’m curious to know if people prefer USPS to email both to receive and to send. Thoughts below? For now, I’m thinking I’ll double up while I get the hang of this and step out of my old ways.