Check Out Trail Sisters!

Adding my words and stories to the Trail Sisters site has been an awesome outlet for about a year now. The site hosts eleven awesome contributors, nine enthusiastic ambassadors and additional guest contributors. Through our writings you will find community, adventure, health and conservation topics. There are opportunities for interaction and community building. There are, now iconic, Trail Sisters hats available for sale. Basically, there is a lot going on on the Trail Sisters site and I'm inviting everyone to head over there for interesting reads. 

I will get back to updating my personal blog at some point, hopefully soon. I miss the reflective time and taking the time to capture adventures as they happen. Bouncing from one to the next hasn't really allowed for much reflection, but in my Local Year (which will share in a Trail Sisters post soon) I have intention for more writing.

Thanks for checking in! I'm back to updating my site so check out my Race Run Schedule and additional photos... And as soon as you are done here - head over to Trail Sisters.