Download the #Chuckanut50k race map!

Last year Runner Girl Races teamed up with Maps for Good to create a new Chuckanut 50k race course map and Community Trails map of the Chuckanuts. The amazing (to me) thing is you can download the race map to your smartphone to see your location along the trail—no wifi or cell service needed! 

Here is how: In the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) on your smartphone, download a free app called PDF Maps made by Avenza Systems. Once it has downloaded, open the app and look at the bottom of the screen for Store (with a shopping cart icon). In the search bar, where it says find maps, type Chuckanut. It will default to a map view, which is nice but not as easy to use. Click List at the top of the screen to switch to list view. There you'll see our two maps: Chuckanut 50k Race Map and Chuckanut Trails (not specific to the race). Purchase one or both! All proceeds support future map updates.

Once you've acquired your maps, they will be in your maps collection inside the PDF Maps app. You can find them by tapping on Maps in the bottom left corner of the app. Tap on any one of the maps to open it and see your location. You can pinch to zoom in and out and drag your finger to pan across the map—just like you would in any other map on your phone. You can also mark waypoints, make notes, record your tracks, and measure distances. When you have the map open on your screen, you can find all those tools by tapping on the wrench tool in the bottom right of the screen. 

You can see the map HERE on our website and download a printable PDF if that better suits you.