PERSONALIZED one-on-one coaching:

My approach: My passion, enthusiasm, organizational skills, accountability and commitment to the sport of ultra and trail running are what I offer to your first. It is important to me to have a meeting either in person or on the phone to see if we match up and can be the best match for each athlete. We will build your training and racing schedule together and work through the season/year to adjust for the realities of life.


1) Weekly training schedule.  This is a working Google Docs excel type sheet that we will both edit. I will write one to two weeks at a time and you will fill in the remaining cells to let me know what you were able to accomplish as well as your thoughts on how it went. I think there is a lot of "life" that factors in to each person's training and this format allows us both to be flexible and make the necessary adjustments.  

2) 2 one hour phone or in-person consultations.  The first will get us started, understanding where you are, what your goals are and what your hopes and expectations of being coached are.  If in person we can meet to run to analyze gait, do a workout together or chit-chat over coffee.  Whatever makes sense for you. The second can be used at will to discuss training, ask questions, prep for a race or dial in nutrition.

3) Monitoring of your stats. The Google docs spreadsheet has a place to enter your data (daily resting heart rate, measurements, weight... all at your choice) These give us more information that we can compare to as our coaching sessions progress.  They are data points to see your improvements.  Fun stuff to geek out on :)

4) Unlimited email contact. I aim to reply within 24hours, unless I am traveling and access is limited.

5) A resource for the questions you will run into while training and preparing for your races.  I believe there is so much more mental than physical that goes into the preparation for, execution of running and recovering from any distance race and I am happy to share and talk through these phases.

Cost.  $200 a month.  Or $525 for a 3 month commitment ($175/month).


December 2015 I released a training manual titled Running Your First Ultra: Customizable Training Plans for Your First 50k to 100 Mile Race.  The book includes detailed training plans, stories, and advice. The feedback from this book has been incredibly positive and I love that even though it was written for first time ultra runners (because that is who I primarily love to coach!) runners of all levels are telling me that they love it. People that are running their 50th ultra to those who will never run an ultra have told me that there is great information for anyone. We are all always learning.

Running Your First Ultra is available direct from the author, in bookstores and in specialty running shops. 

Thank you for your support of this project!