Summer Trail Running Camps


Trail Running Summer Camp provides an opportunity to focus on your favorite past time and meet, share miles, and bond with people of a similar mindset. It's a chance to step out from routine for a couple of days. And I see it as a gift to set aside time to simply enjoy running, eating and sleeping. The logistics, agenda and transportation are taken organized. Daily trail runs with well-thought out routes are guided by great sport resources to provide real-time feedback, tips, and friendly trailside chatter.

My Race Schedule page has information and links to the registration websites of each of the camps I am signed up to coach this summer. This shift from mostly racing to some racing and opportunities to coach alongside athletes is a happy transition.  There is also a link to Trail Runner Magazine's Top 10 list of run camps - our Colorado Running Ranch camp listed amongst some great options from all over the world. Shoot me an email if you are interested and want to chat before signing up.

Quick Recap of Camps:

Beautiful region of Engadine - Run the Alps Camp

Beautiful region of Engadine - Run the Alps Camp