I did not tear my meniscus (thankfully!). Seems I was a bit dramatic on my last blog post sharing all of the thoughts that plagued my mind during the onset of my hip injury. Sorry to those of you that I confused. The fear of a torn meniscus was just one of the worrisome thoughts that filled my head while I lived in the unknown.

Working with Heather at Red Hammer PT, we found the diagnosis and the treatment to the problem, a pinched nerve in my hip that referred pain to my knee. Over the last couple of weeks I have gradually increased my running in addition to a ton of hip openers, yoga, massage, e-stim, and focused strengthening. On today's #wednesdaygirlsrun I finally experienced running without any painful symptoms. On a sunny, cool morning in the company of good running buds, my smile couldn't have been brighter. It's awesome to feel like I'm coming through this (I will continue my treatment plan to ensure this does not return) and to look ahead at the calendar, filled with races and adventures, and start planning.