VO2Max and TNF 50 thoughts

It is pouring. It is funny, the last time I think I listened to the rain pound down like this was the nights leading up to UTMB this summer. Now we sit cozied up at Campsite 222 waiting to hear the decisions around TNF's Endurance Challenge races this weekend. Jenny and I are signed up for the 50 miler. Our girls weekend in San Francisco inbetween other travels to Austin and New York.

Earlier this week on my last full day in Seattle, after a fun 12 days visiting family and friends around the Thanksgiving Holiday, I checked in with the awesome peops at Seattle Performance Medicine. July 2011 was the last time I'd suffered through on their treadmill for a VO2max and Lactate Threshold test. It was a great test, in fact the best test I'd ever run. 65 marked my VO2max, 185 max heart rate and my Lactate Threshold was right up there as well. Good numbers to ride on and always great information for understanding where the body is at in training. Since my LT was right up against my VO2max Dr. Cooper prescribed some short sprint (like 30 seconds) repeats to help put some distance between the two, giving me another gear when it came time to dig deep during a race. I learned a lot about my nutrition and how that was aiding my great numbers and ability to access my endurance capability. All positive. All helpful.

Also helpful, but not nearly as positive were the numbers I got back Monday after suffering on the treadmill in the SPM office once again. Brady did a great job executing the test and I really felt like I'd reached my max. Not so. Significant decreases in all stats, I wondered if it was the same person running. I feel pretty fit after all of the miles racked up while overseas last month and considering all of the travel and bouncing around I feel like my energy is relatively good. My body fat% is low, but lean and mean is good, right? Not always. This test was a good reality check, big miles and travel wear you down.

As I said, all helpful. Also good to keep in mind is that these are just numbers. At this point there is not much I can do between now and this weekend to change the numbers, all I can do is keep my mind. I am excited to line up with the amazing group of men and women that have decided to journey to San Francisco and give the TNF50 miler a go. With $10,000 on the line, why not? My parents asked me if the money changes the feel of the race. For me, I feel like this late in the season to add on another 50 miler the money makes it a "heck, might as well try." It draws in a great group of people for a last hoorah of the year and puts us on some great California trails to enjoy for one last race of the season. So here we are, rain or shine.