The people that help me live this dream and life...

It is an honor to have worked with Patagonia for over 10 years.  From working together on co-branding projects, race sponsorships and now as an ambassador since 2008, I look forward to all that is to come.  There is a huge focus on the Trail Running apparel lines and womans specific products which is right in line with my goals of growing and sharing our sport.


Kicking off 2015 with Vasque Footwear and am loving my miles in the Pendulum. Vasque has a great history in the mountains and is focusing on new models for trail running. I look forward to working with the development team and testing new models this year. Vasque also supports the Chuckanut 50k.

A new sponsor to me in 2013, Pro-Tec is a Seattle based company that works to help athletes, period.  Their line of products communicates the company goal - to keep us on the move.  A few of their bands, primarily the Patellar tendon strap and IT band compression wrap, have been the solution to help me to the finish line of a couple of key races (namely the Grand Slam 2005) and aided in keeping me training when the knees want to flare up.  Additionally their line of massage, icing and heating products are more proactive to help prevent injury.  All helpful and I look forward to delving into the line more!

The people at Flora Health have taught me many important lessons in health and nutrition for endurance training.  The products are there to back up the knowledge and I am thankful for the amazing supply of Udo's Oil, Floradix, Multi-Vitamin, Biji Teas and Biji Oils and a wealth of other wonderful products to fuel me on the move.

I have been working with First Endurance since 2005 when I was training for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  Ultragen was the product that helped me recover between each race and often fueled me along the way as well.  I continue to use Ultragen for recovery and keep it in my 100 mile race kit to add extra, quality calories along the way. Use coupon code 100krissy18 for 20% off your First Endurance order!

With the frozen eyeball experience at Hellgate 2007 and traveling the world to a variety of climates and conditions, the importance of eye protection has been made very obvious.  Julbo has been around for over 100 years (since 1888) and understands design and function for outdoor activities.  A new sponsor to me in 2013 I look forward to testing new products and sharing the brand in the trail/ultra world.


Ultimate Direction makes vests and handhelds utilizing athletes' feedback to influence design. The first to market in 1985 the hydration systems continue to evolve to meet all athletes needs. I've enjoyed teaming up with UD in 2016 and look forward to creating products with designers and fellow team members.

Many years of drooling over the sparkles at the Outdoor Retailer trade show finally landed me in the HQ store in Bend Oregon summer of 2017. Over a purchase my boyfriend made for me to finally own a bronwen piece(!) I connected with some of the staff and eventually got to talk to Bronwen herself on the phone. Mutual respect easily led to a partnership that has me glittering away and happily decorated in my favorite pieces while exploring my favorite places. Use coupon code AlwaysRunning20 for 20% off your order total.