My Hope...

I like to live for each day and enjoy what a new experience will bring to life.  I often say "I'm in" to what ever idea is thrown out there for the next experience or adventure.  This often leads to an exciting albeit overwhelming schedule at times.  My hope is that this blog will capture this attitude in spite of the ups and downs life throws at us.  

Try something new. Get out there and learn. Travel. Explore. Run. Eat. Live.

A little more...

In nearly fourteen years of ultra running the sport has seen many changes; huge growth in participants and number of events, additional support from brands and sponsors, evolved products and more recently prize money in a few events.

Following are media hits, videos, magazine articles and on-line publications that have covered my continued and ever evolving passion.  


Recent Print

  • Origins Magazine, Featured Athlete - July/August 2013
  • NumberDo, Japanese online publication - July 2013
  • Trail Running Magazine Calendar - November 2013
  • Patagonia Homepage - Zion photo - June 2012
  • Women's Adventure Magazine - cover and article - Spring 2012
  • Runners World France -  Highlight feature on race rituals - July – August 2011  
  • Huffington Post Sports Blog - by Laura Gottesdiener - June 2011
  • Trail Runner Magazine: Zion Traverse article - article author and cover & article photos  - July/August 2012
  • Shape Magazine - October 2010 “Our Inspiration” piece

  • Tarzan Magazine (Japan) - October 2010 “Running around Kamakura
  • Tarzan Magazine (Japan) - July 2010 cover
  • The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, 2nd Edition - contributing author “How the Pieces Fit”
  • Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons - contributing author